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We offer this website, its associated pages, and related links for the benefits of our clients, friends, and those with an Interest in law and legal affairs In the State of New York.

Lawyers use their knowledge of law based on the facts of a particular problem and the circumstances of their particular client. One omitted or wrong detail could change the legal advice given in any particular matter. While you are free to use the information provided, no attorney/client relationship exists between us. No information posted here or materials provided are Intended to constitute legal advice. We do not guarantee the accuracy of posted information or the accuracy of other sites given links herein. No one will be entitled to claim detrimental reliance on any views, forms, or models provided herein, or to claim any duty on our part to update the information contained here or to protect the interests of those accessing this website.
Neither the receipt nor distribution of materials constitutes the formation of any attorney/client relationship, which can only be formed upon the execution and delivery of a written retainer agreement and the satisfaction of the conditions contained therein,

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